Replication data for: Lifetime Earnings and the Vietnam Era Draft Lottery: Evidence from Social Security Administrative Records

These sellers need to sell all their tickets before 3 pm every single day. These sellers sell the tickets in exchange for a few cents in profit or 10 percent of the ticket price. Ticket price is 10,000 Vietnamese Dong each but do not be surprised if someone sells it for 12,000 Vietnamese Dong to make ends meet. Most of the ticket sellers are individuals who find it difficult to look for a more stable job either because of a disability or old age. Since the government of Vietnam does not provide any unemployment benefits for the said individuals. Vietlott lottery is a special form of play when players can select the winning numbers themselves through the terminals at the point of sale or dealer.
I also remember Kent State a few years later, where the anger over the war again came to a head with the shooting of several students protesting the war. Some people in the country viewed the protestors in Chicago and elsewhere as traitors, and others agreed with them that the war was wrong. On December 1, 1969, five fraternity brothers gather together to listen to the U.S. Army’s draft lottery, which uses birth dates to determine the order in which they will be called to serve in Vietnam. Broadcast on national television and radio, the brothers anxiously listen as dates are drawn, one-by-one, over an excruciating 90-minute period. When the last date is drawn, the brothers react to the realization that their lives have been changed forever.
On his college experience, Joel stated “I was commuting to college, but eventually I dropped out. When I was 19 I moved to upstate New York and enrolled in Ulster County Community College to renew my student deferment, but I soon dropped out there as well. Joel remembered that his high lottery number for that year “made it less likely for me to be drafted.” An article from 1971 appearing in the New York Times would seem to confirm Joel’s memory. The article declared that men born in 1952 (like Joel, who were 19 that year, and facing the lottery for next year’s draft) were safe from the draft, and that those with low numbers would only be drafted in the event of a national emergency. In June 1971, the rate of induction for draftees had slowed to a trickle. Though Joel may not have realized it immediately, he was essentially safe from the draft lottery from this point forward.
“It was a huge relief to know that I could plan my life ahead without being forced to fight in a war that I thought was wrong and unjust,” Goodman says. In 1969, the fate of millions was determined by pulling birthdates from a glass container. Meanwhile, Hau Giang Lottery Company quickly issued jackpot lottery in early July. The buyer can select the numbers they want for VND10,000, VND20,000 or VND50,000. However, this kind of lottery is only available in Hau Giang province. Acknowledging the impact of computerized lottery, Tien Giang Province Lottery Company’s leaders said in addition to promoting advertising for the traditional lottery, the company is also considering the launch of new type.
In this episode, Stephanie explains the December 1, 1969 Vietnam draft lottery – the 90 minutes of American history that changed half a million lives. Because if you were born on that date between the years 1944 and 1950, you were “number one” in the December 1, 1969 Vietnam draft lottery. Without a deferment of some kind, you were almost guaranteed to be sent to Vietnam.
I remember during high school in June of 1970 things were all “helter skelter” just like in the then recent Beatles song. Many different things were visible in the media, from issues relating to civil rights to rumors of soldiers “fragging” incompetent or poorly trained officers to avoid getting killed pointlessly themselves. Once these two data sets have been cross joined , you will have a very large data set.
In our case, we will run 100,000 trials where we randomly assign draft positions to each day of the year. Once each trial has been conducted, we will then aggregate and find the average draft position for each month and calculate the deviation from expectation. Finally, we will then calculate the number of trials in which the deviation exceeds 272.3. Simply put, aMonte Carlo simulationis one of a family of probabilistic methods that uses a series of random trials to calculate the probability of a random event happening. Basically, Vietlott VSMB perform a trial over and over and calculate the percentage of time certain events occurred. With capsules filled, they were poured into a tumbler and drawn, one-by-one, until all 366 dates were assigned a number.
Yet the lottery itself did nothing to change the draft law’s existing system of deferments and exemptions, and so did nothing to equalize the draft vulnerability between a man with a deferment and a man without. By this time, deferments for most graduate students had been eliminated, as well as deferments for married men, but many protected categories remained. Thus the new random selection process mainly affected those men without a deferment or whose deferment was ending, deciding among only them who would be drafted and who was safe.